Zero Fog

Glasses fog up because they are at a lower temperature than the heat emitted by our faces. Tiny water droplets are formed by condensation on the surface of the eyeglass lenses. This happen often under cold and humid weather conditions. It can also can be a safety issue, since it limits your ability to see until the fog clears. Lens fogging can be especially dangerous for police officers and other first responders to emergency situations. Fogged up lenses is undoubtedly a nuisance for eyeglass wearers.

Unlike other brands, our Zero-Fog advanced formula consists of special compounds that uniformly spread fog water droplets across the lens surface making them invisible. Watch our Steam and Freeze Test below!



To maximize the anti-fog properties effectiveness, it is essential to keep the lenses clean. Our Absolute Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner easily removes debris and fingerprints as well as creating a barrier on top to further prevent moisture from beading. We recommend using the spray exclusively with our Ultraguard and LuxAR Zero Fog coatings.


INSTRUCTIONS:ย For optical results spray front side of lens once. Wipe thoroughly with cleaning cloth, transfer solution to back and repeat. Use dry side of cloth to wipe clean. After cleaning, the coating may appear wavy but will settle in a couple minutes.

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