Progressive lenses have three prescriptions in one pair of glasses. That allows you to do close-up work (like reading a book), middle-distance work (like checking out a website on a computer), or distance viewing (like driving) without needing to change your glasses!


Jena 4K

Our best selling product, the¬†Jena¬†4K¬†is ideal for everyday use for¬†near,¬†intermediate¬†and¬†distance¬†vision. Fully customized using your facial parameters and prescription to achieve the most precise vision.¬†4K¬†lenses are the¬†most comfortable and easiest to adapt to, a supreme choice for those new to progressive. ‚ÄstLearn more.

Jena Indoor

Jena Indoor¬†is the perfect choice for clear and comfortable indoor vision. Available in three variations:¬†Device,¬†Workspace¬†&¬†Studio, each design has a different predetermined¬†near,¬†intermediate¬†and¬†distance¬†set for optimal clarity in various indoor settings. ‚ÄstLearn more.

Jena Dual

Jena Dual¬†is our latest achievement in innovative lens design with¬†dual sided parabolic surfacing. The unique front and back curves unite to create the next level of distortion-free progressive¬†near,¬†intermediate¬†and¬†distance¬†vision. Ideal for plus power. ‚ÄstLearn more.

Jena W

Jena W¬†is designed with a¬†wider¬†reading space. Ideal selection for those who want a clearer near and¬†intermediate¬†vision. Perfect for those that primarily use progressive lenses for close up work. Designed with¬†33% wider¬†reading area than¬†Jena Premium. ‚ÄstLearn more.

Jena Premium

Our¬†Jena Premium¬†are our standard progressive lenses that provides clear¬†near,¬†intermediate¬†and¬†distance¬†vision. Perfect for everyday use. Excellent value and great beginner‚Äôs introduction to wearing progressives. ‚ÄstLearn more.

Jena Office

Jena Office¬†is designed for those using a computer on a daily basis.¬†Jena Office¬†has no distance vision and uses the intermediate power.¬†‚ÄstLearn more.

Jena B¬†provides clear bifocal distance and reading vision, without a noticeable line or peripheral distortions. Invisible line for more flattering lens, no image jump and continuity of clear vision from¬†close¬†to¬†distance. ‚ÄstLearn more.

Our Jena products are also offered in Transitions, NuPolar Polarized and IOT Neochromes lenses.