WHAT do NuPolar lenses do?

– Block high levels of glare to provide comfortable vision in bright sunlight

– Make outdoor activities more enjoyable

– Lessen squinting and crows’ feet

– Make driving safer by blocking blinding glare

– Let you see true color

– Block 100% of UVA & UVB light

– Conform to ANSI Z80.3 Standards for Traffic Signal Recognition

Who are NuPolar lenses for?

– If you want to block blinding glare as only polarized lenses can

– If you want a fully polarized sun lens outdoors in all light conditions

– If you enjoy the outdoors, especially activities on or around water and snow

– If you want a wide selection of true colors or tints

– If you are concerned with the dangers of UV light


NuPolar official website:Β http://www.youngeroptics.com/nupolar.aspx