WHAT do NuPolar lenses do?

– Block high levels of glare to provide comfortable vision in bright sunlight

– Make outdoor activities more enjoyable

– Lessen squinting and crows’ feet

– Make driving safer by blocking blinding glare

– Let you see true color

– Block 100% of UVA & UVB light

– Conform to ANSI Z80.3 Standards for Traffic Signal Recognition

Who are NuPolar lenses for?

– If you want to block blinding glare as only polarized lenses can

– If you want a fully polarized sun lens outdoors in all light conditions

– If you enjoy the outdoors, especially activities on or around water and snow

– If you want a wide selection of true colors or tints

– If you are concerned with the dangers of UV light

Nupolar Infinite Grey – the most versatile Rx sunlens!
It combines polarization with photochromic technology and offers the widest available range of light absorption characteristics to date.

Nupolar Infinite Grey can be the lightest or the darkest polarized lenses in the same pair of eyewear depending on the light conditions while maintaining consistent 99% polarization efficiency and blocking virtually all blinding glare.

The unique photochromic technology allows Nupolar Infinite Grey to change its light handling properties extremely fast providing the required amount of light in any daytime situation.