Single vision lenses are a type of glasses lens that correct vision for a single distance. That means, in general, that they work for people that are nearsightedness or farsightedness, but not for those who are both.


Jena HD

Jena HD is our standard single vision lenses that is perfect for everyday use. Our unique aspheric design focuses light to achieve crisp vision.

HD is perfect for younger adults that only need correction for one distance and do not require Bi-focals or Progressives.

Jena iPlus

Jena I-Plusย is made for those who require a very small amount of reading addition. Best for those wearing single vision lenses who can benefit from a small amount of magnification when reading or using a computer for more than 3 hours per day.

I-Plus is best suited for those between the age of 20-40 or those who want to begin transitioning into progressives.

Our Jena products are also offered in Transitions, NuPolar Polarized and IOT Neochromes lenses.