Jena Lens are the most advanced lenses that fully personalized to patient’s individual needs. Using the latest free form German technology, Jena progressive and standard lenses are customized to give patient’s the clearest and sharpest vision.


Progressive VISION

Jena Indoor

Jena Indoor is the perfect choice for clear and comfortable indoor vision. Available in three variations: Device, Workspace & Studio, each design has a different predetermined near, intermediate and distance set for optimal clarity in various indoor settings. РLearn more.

Jena Dual

Jena Dual is our latest achievement in innovative lens design with dual sided parabolic surfacing. The unique front and back curves unite to create the next level of distortion-free progressive near, intermediate and distance vision. Ideal for plus power.¬† –¬†Learn more.

Jena 4K

Our best selling product, the¬†Jena¬†4K is ideal for everyday use for near, intermediate and distance vision. Fully customized using patient’s facial parameters and prescription to achieve the most precise vision. 4K lenses are the most comfortable and easiest to adapt to, a supreme choice for new progressive wearers. – Learn more.

Jena W

Jena W is designed with a wider reading space. Ideal selection for patients who want a clearer near and intermediate vision. Perfect for those that primarily use progressive lenses for close up work. Designed with 33% wider reading area than Jena Premium. РLearn more.

Jena Premium

Our Jena Premium are our standard progressive lenses that provides clear near, intermediate¬†and distance vision. Perfect for everyday use. Excellent value and great beginner’s introduction to wearing progressives. – Learn more.

Jena Office

Jena Office is designed for patients that use a computer on a daily basis. Patients can give us the intermediate, or we can calculate it from the distance power.¬†Jena Office has no distance vision.¬†–¬†Learn more.

PNG_black_Jena B

Jena B provides clear bifocal distance and reading vision, without a noticeable line or peripheral distortions. Invisible line for more flattering lens, no image jump and continuity of clear vision from close to distance. – Learn more.


Jena HD

Jena HD is our standard single vision lenses that is perfect for everyday use. Our aspheric design focuses light to achieve crisp vision.

Jena iPlus

Jena I-Plus is made for patients who require a very small amount of reading addition. Best for those wearing single vision lenses who can benefit from a small amount of magnification when reading or using a computer for more than 3 hours per day. This lens is best suited for those between the age of 20-40 or those who want to begin transitioning into progressives.

Our Jena products are also offered in Transitions, NuPolar Polarized and IOT Neochromes lenses to suit the patient’s every need.


We know what we are doing. 28 years in the business. 100% Canadian and independent. State-of-the-art lens and coating facility. Member of the Vision Council and ISO certified.

Fastest turnaround and delivery time! Eyewear will generally be ready within 5-7 business days upon order.

Since we are the manufacturer, we can offer patients prices that are significantly lower than competitive brands.

We are confident in our products. All Jena customers receive a 100 day unconditional money back guaranteed. We make returns easy for both the eye care professional and the patient.

Our lenses feature a superior scratch resistant, superhydrophic and oleophobic structure — making them super slippery and easy to clean! Zero Blue and Zero Fog add-ons available to patients.

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