*NEW* Jena Indoor lenses are the clearest and most precise lenses available for indoor use. Available in DeviceWorkspace and Studio for the perfect indoor vision.


Jena 4K provides the clearest and sharpest vision for close, mid and far distances. Fully customized using our most advanced German design. Easiest to adapt for new progressive lens wearers.


Perfect for computer use. Designed for those using a computer on a daily basis. This lens has no distance vision and is not recommended for driving. The Jena Office lenses helps reduce eye strain, blurred vision and headaches and provides greater comfort while working.


Jena W is designed with a wider reading. Clearer near and reading vision for those who primarily use progressive lenses for close up work. 33% wider reading area than Jena Premium. Ideal for patients with plus power.


Reading Lenses. Jena I-Plus is made for those who require a very small amount of reading addition. Best for those wearing single vision lenses who can benefit from a small amount of magnification when reading or using a computer for more than 3 hours per day. This lens is best suited for those between the age of 20-40.


Our standard progressive lenses that provides a clear close, mid and far distances at all times. Perfect for everyday use. Excellent value and great introduction for those new to progressives.


Jena HD is our standard single vision lenses. Clear optics perfect for everyday use.


Jena B provides clear distance and reading just like a bifocal without a noticeable line or peripheral distortions.

Upgrade Jena lenses with our Zero Blue coating to protect your eyes from harmful blue-violet light. Anti-fog coating available as well.


Jena lenses won’t weigh you down. Made from the highest quality materials, you’ll experience the thinnest and most premium style lenses that are light and durable.

Our lenses feature a superior scratch resistant, superhydrophic and oliophobic structure — making them super slippery and easy to clean!

Experience life with superior vision — more vivid colors in the day time and definitively sharper vision at night.

Jena lenses are offered in a wide range of materials including Transitions and Polarized lenses to suit your every need.

Ask your Eye Care Profession which design best suits your needs.

Don’t forget about eye fatigue, sleeplessness and serious ocular damage associated with high energy blue light emitted from most modern devices. Protect your eyes and health with an upgrade to Zero Blue technology, the most effective high energy blue light protection available!

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Customer Service: (416) 915-1550


Customer Service: (416) 915-1550

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